When Hospitality Become a Problem

Since I was a child, hospitality was a big word at home. I recall one time, my parents open they house to 26 guesses for one night. All them were traveling from our countryside to the United States as refugees. Imagine 26 people in a small 2 bedroom apartment (we were a family of 5). We didn’t have a bed for everyone. My mom accommodated the elderly on our beds, I share a bed with my parents, my older sister sleeps that night at the floor with blankets, and the rest try to find a place to sleep, at the seaside (2 blocks from our home), or at our building roof.  I also recall I have a serious fight at school and all because I was stress up. The principal almost expelled me out from school.

Crazy, right? When my sisters and I grow up, we talked seriously with our parent and explain to them that even hospitality is a wonderful thing, and they were amazing hosting and helping other, it should be done in moderation. Don’t ever offer your own bed for none one. None of those 26 come back home to thank my parents or send any letter to let them know if they arrive ok (one of them almost die in the journey, he was very sick).

God bless my parent’s hearts, but be careful, everything should be done in moderation.



2 thoughts on “When Hospitality Become a Problem

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