Letter to my Motherland 

Dear Motherland,

It has been 7 years since I abandoned you, looking for a better future. Today I want to ask for your forgiveness. I’m sorry I couldn’t finish my journey in your arms. I’m sorry I didn’t let my son grow in your chest.

I hope you understand that there was a moment I couldn’t brief anymore near you. Some of your children were suffocating me. They wanted to cut my wings, to drink my blood, and take away my freedom.

I understand you are suffering as well, but I can’t suffer with you, at least not in your arms. I’m hurt when I see your tears and I wish to be there to hug you, but I can’t.


I’m sorry if I was weak if I failed to defend you, but I’m a mother as well. I have to protect my child from those who want to destroy you, us. However, I want to tell you how much I miss you. How much I miss my brothers and sisters, to walk your streets, the smell of the sea from my window, to taste your salty air, to swim in your warm beaches 🌊, to hug my friends and family.

Don’t be mad at me. I only wanted to be free. Sometimes I feel I will never see you again. You’re so far but so close to my heart ❤️, that I can feel your soul pumping in my veins. I can close my eyes and see you in front of me all green, all blue, all sunny and beautiful.

Where I live, it’s so cold, people are so cold. You always were so warm, so colorful, so inspiring and so afraid and frightening at the same time. I can’t come back to you, but I hope you get your freedom someday as I got mine.

Could that day come soon? I don’t know. My brothers and sisters can’t tell either, but for sure we all want you free, as you born to be. Where are our heroes? Where are our bravest? I’m just a woman who feels so fragile against the evil, so useless without real guns. I can only offer you my words, my thoughts, my heart, and memories.

I can do so much but so little that’s not enough wake up our heroes. So I pray God to protect you and set you free from all evils. I hope I can see you free before I die.

With love,

Your daughter.

Photo credit: Jeremy Bishop


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