About me

My blog is a developing story. I like to write about a subject I care most, stories that move and inspire me. It may turn to be a specific topic in the future. I don’t know yet since my journey as a blogger just started.

I emigrated from a tropical island. I remember myself at the airport with an empty luggage with just a pair of clothes and some books; only $80 dollars in my pocket and my little son holding my hand. Today, I’m an independent woman, homeowner, and happy with my professional career. It has been hard, but not impossible. I feel like I have too much to share that it may inspire others to keep it going with their dreams and succeed in life. I may write my story someday.

Outside of the blogging world, I work full time as a copywriter. In other words, I’m a writer who writes advertising. Most of my work is in Spanish. Therefore, I want to write in English to improve my writing skill in this language. Saying that I hope you help me with your feedback. Any suggestion is welcome. It means the world to me. I hope you stay around through this journey with me. Leave your comment below and thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.



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